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Application Engineering

Our flexible development environments

The right development environment

– suitable for Software Developers and Automation Engineers

With Neuron Power Engineer and Neuron Safe Engineer, we provide two engineering tools that cater to the needs of both software developers and automation engineers while being based on a unified data platform. When combined with the Neuron RTS micro safe runtime system, it allows for rapid, flexible, and efficient programming of functionally safe control applications.

Development environments for every application

Integrated safety toolchain up to level SIL 3

Neuron Power Engineer offers an engineering tool that supports a wide range of programming languages, including IEC 61131-3, C, C++, and MATLAB integration, along with extensive reuse and team engineering functionalities.

To enable the parallel programming of safety functions alongside applications, it integrates a pre-certified safety toolchain that supports the engineering of safety functions up to SIL 3 according to IEC 61508, PLE according to ISO 13849, and ASIL C according to ISO 26262.

Central components of this toolchain, along with the also certified runtime system, include static code analysis and a two-stage test manager. This test manager allows developed safety function blocks to be tested first in a simulation environment ("Software-in-the-loop") and then in the actual target environment ("Processor-in-the-loop") before being released after passing the tests.

As the entire toolchain is already pre-certified, subsequent adjustments to safety functions do not need to undergo recertification, significantly expediting both initial development and ongoing application changes. The software blocks produced in this manner can then be made available to technicians without in-depth programming knowledge through specialized safety libraries.

Neuron Safe Engineer, on the other hand, simplifies the assembly of blocks through an intuitive graphical user interface in low-code mode, eliminating the need for typical PLC programming languages.

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