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Quality Policy

The quality policy of logi.cals is defined by the management and aims at increasing customer satisfaction and continuously improving it in terms of a process-oriented quality management system according to ÖNORM EN ISO 9001:2015.It is therefore also the declared corporate goal to develop customer-oriented products in order to strengthen the company's market position and increase its own market share compared to the competition.

Qualification, motivation and physical as well as mental health of our employees are the decisive basis on which logi.cals can provide the targeted services. Therefore, the guarantee and promotion of these factors is a central aspect of the quality policy.

For the implementation, the management has appointed a quality representative. His task is to ensure and maintain the implementation of the required processes, to document the performance and the possibilities for improvement of the quality management system and to further promote the company's quality awareness in this regard.

The effectiveness, conformity with the quality policy and continuous adequacy of the quality management system are regularly assessed by the members of the management and used to steer the quality policy.

Commitment to the Quality Policy

logi.cals GmbH is committed to a continuous improvement process as well as to the compliance with quality processes, and legal regulations as well as to the fulfillment of customer requirements.

The management hereby strongly encourages and demands from the employees the implementation of the quality policy and quality objectives as well as the continuous improvement of processes and customer satisfaction according to the QM system as described in this QM manual.

Management is committed to developing all measures and resources necessary to implement its quality policy and to making them available.