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That's what drives us:

Our Vision & Mission

What we want to achieve

Our Vision

Networked industrial automation in which innovative technologies and pioneering solutions enable the establishment of new benchmarks in productivity and efficiency.

At Neuron Automation, our vision is to be a leading force in modern application engineering by providing efficient solutions for functional safety, significantly reducing time-to-market.

We aspire to streamline engineering processes and offer our customers seamless integration of safety and application engineering into their own system environment.

Through ongoing collaboration and the use of cutting-edge technologies, we aim to simplify the way businesses automate.

Our goal is to provide scalable hardware and software solutions that meet the increasing demands of digitized industrial production while maximizing both efficiency and safety.

That is what we strive for:

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing our customers with solutions that not only safeguard their investments but also expedite their engineering projects, shorten innovation cycles, and pave the way for enduring success.

Our objective is to work in tandem with our clients, guiding projects from inception to certification swiftly and within the predefined budget. By seamlessly integrating safety features throughout applications and leveraging a versatile, platform-agnostic multi-language development environment, we grant our customers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

As a strategic partner, we collaborate with device manufacturers and OEMs to implement forward-thinking automation solutions that tackle the mounting cost pressures and ever-shortening innovation cycles in industrial production.

Our commitment lies in empowering our customers to maintain lasting competitiveness.

Our goal is to secure our customers' investments in the long run through the delivery of efficient and secure automation solutions.

Our Core: Your Choice.

Our Core: Your Choice.