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Use Case


Use Case

Functional safe application programming for sensor technology without recertification

Functional safe controllers (controls) in sensor technology consume a significant amount of resources due to their complexity. Special tools and trained developers are required for programming and firmware updates to ensure compliance with certification standards at all times. Neuron Automation decouples firmware from the application and develops efficient solutions that allow OEMs to easily program safety applications themselves without the need for recertification when expanding or adapting them.


  • Firmware must be decoupled from the application because any application changes would otherwise lead to recertification of the entire system
  • The ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) enables simple programming for the OEM, as the application and firmware are independent
  • The ODM can provide low-code FBD (Function Block Diagram) libraries to the OEM, or the OEM can enable parameterization for themselves or their customers
  • The ODM enables the OEM to perform simple functional safe programming, as the application and firmware are independent/decoupled
  • Functionality is decoupled from execution through a safe runtime system, enabling T3-qualified application development (FVL -> LVL approach)
  • The ODM can selectively pass functions to OEMs through FBD/LVL
  • The ODM can offer safe and non-safe functionality to the OEM (e.g., data preprocessing)
  • The OEM can independently implement non-safe functionalities that do not require functional safety testing


  • In sensors, the safe application is directly integrated into the firmware
  • Creating safety applications is complex and requires extensive recertification

Solutions / Toolkit

  • T3-qualified engineering solution Neuron Power Engineer (safety functions can be programmed independently of the target system firmware)
  • Simple safety parameterization with PLCopen library and Neuron Safe Engineer
  • Safe Fieldbus Stack (FSoE) as a pre-certified and "ready to use" component
  • The safety-certified runtime system Neuron RTS safe with a small footprint, enabling the execution of safe applications in the sensor device
  • Safe and non-safe application components on the same CPU
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