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Our Communication-Toolkit

The components of our modular system include, among other things, a fieldbus configuration that is both safe and non-safe, integrated in our engineering tools or stand-alone in your environments.

Bus Configurator

The Safety Bus Configurator is pre-certified according to IEC 61508 for configuring safe fieldbuses like FSoE (Fail-Safe over EtherCAT).


The Safety Parameter Tool is a pre-certified T3 offline parameterization tool according to IEC 62061. Customization and definition of the safe parameter container are done through an XML structure.

Stacks for Execution on the Target System


  • EtherCAT host
  • FSoE host


  • OPC UA server
  • Modbus TCP server

Later or depending on customer needs

  • Profinet / Profisafe device
  • EthernetIP / CIP safety device
  • Modbus TCP client

Data Exchange Layer

  • Multiple fieldbuses / multiple PLC applications
  • Various synchronization models (Jitter-optimized / Latency-optimized)
  • IO mapping through text-based configuration (local update or via cloud device management)
  • Local update or via cloud device management
Use Cases

Examples from 30 years of experience

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