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Functional Safety

Rethinking functional safety

Getting to a finished solution faster:

Safe & non-safe – one Toolchain

Functional safety needs to become more straightforward and cost-effective. Additionally, the development process for device manufacturers must be reliably predictable in terms of time and budget. To meet these requirements, we offer a unique combination of services for developing customized hardware and software solutions, a comprehensive toolkit of TÜV-certified components, an innovative engineering tool, and runtimes for industrial controllers.

A unique combination:

Cost-effective development of safe hardware & software from the idea to certification

A central component of our modular system consists of certified engineering tools, which can be used for both safe and non-safe applications, either through a browser-based or desktop-based interface. Furthermore, our engineering supports all relevant IEC 61131-3 standard languages (FBD, LD, ST, FBD), as well as C and C++, and various other IT languages. The foundation for hardware integration is provided by scalable runtimes, covering all fundamental control platforms from microcontrollers to multi-core industrial PCs, regardless of the hardware used.

Parallel programming of application and safety functions is accomplished using a single tool that supports safety functions up to SIL 3 according to IEC 61508, PLe according to ISO 13849, and ASIL C according to ISO 26262. 

Our additional services range from customer support during the initial phases to guidance throughout the development and certification process, all the way to complete outsourcing of the development of new safety controllers.

Safe hardware and software can be developed quickly and cost-effectively from the idea to certification: The combination of toolkit and service reduces development time and resulting costs by at least 50%.

The traditional boundaries between functional safety and control are eliminated, following the motto "Our Core: Your Choice."

One toolchain for safe & non-safe applications

One runtime system for safe & non-safe applications 

Highly scalable and certified safety toolkit 

Functional safety delivered 'in time' and 'in budget'

Functional Safety

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