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Use Case

Building Automation

Use Case

Platform-independent programming for
building automation tasks

In the realm of building automation, especially in building climate control, there is a growing need for universally applicable hardware and software solutions that are platform-independent, enable programming according to IEC 61131-3, and seamlessly integrate into a variety of systems. Collaborating with our customers, we develop hardware-agnostic, scalable comprehensive systems that allow for uniform standardization and parameterization of individual components using just one engineering tool.


  • High-level language programming as well as with IEC 61131-3 languages
  • Automatic generation of applications from external configurators
  • Easy parameterization by the OEM user integrated with ODM's diagnostic and configuration tools
  • Communication protocols, including configurators for typical building control systems
  • Platform independence - easy transition to other controllers/hardware
  • Decentralized hardware architectures with centrally managed software
  • Runtime scalability from integrated edge functions to embedded controllers and individual intelligent sensors/actuators
  • Automatic data exchange between individual controllers in distributed architectures
  • Integration of programming into custom toolchains/repositories in development
  • Interfaces to other tools, especially in electrical planning
  • Technology libraries with functions for controlling and regulating typical building functions
  • Testing capabilities for partial applications/complete applications


  • Universal hardware and software platforms should be deployable for building automation tasks (HVAC)
  • Programming should be platform-independent using the IEC 61131-3 control language

Solutions / Toolkit

  • Scalable runtime systems (Neuron RTS max / Neuron RTS micro and Neuron RTS nano)
  • Engineering environment Neuron Power Engineer
  • Creation of custom libraries for implementing HVAC device characteristics
  • Integrated test management
  • SDK Package (Software Development Kit) for flexible expansion options (embedding a custom hardware and signal configurator) through API
  • PTK (Platform Tool Kit) for compilation and optimization for the custom target platform ensures minimal resource and memory consumption
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