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logi.DOC Features

Ready-to-use and practical

Efficiency & Flexibility

Strong toolkit for the function block language

Extend your function plan documentation with our ready-to-use and practical logi.DOC features. Our add-ons support you in further development and continuous improvement throughout the entire life cycle.

For the entire life cycle

Our features at a glance


The logi.BULK tool is used to automatically generate function block diagrams and PLC programs using typicals (templates).

The typicals you create in logi.DOC can be used with a typical or a loop list to generate function block diagrams or logic diagrams automatically.


logi.TRANSLATE supports the translation of text elements in function block diagrams. All texts are exported and saved in an external database for translation. This allows the translating to be carried out by an external translation office. Afterwards, a new project is generated in the target language containing the translated texts.


logi.BROWSER creates reference links to all the blocks that are used in the logi.DOC project based on the XML export. A tree structure depicts which blocks are not used, so that they can be deleted.


logi.SIGNAL is a smart editor for editing the signal database in logi.DOC and makes it possible to exchange data with Microsoft Excel. As part of quality assurance, logi.SIGNAL generates signal use reports that detect planning errors.

Use Cases

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