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Our Core Technologies

Runtimes, Application Engineering, System Engineering & Tool Integration

Automation tool solutions

Flexibility in engineering

For more than 30 years we have provided our technologies to device manufacturers and machine builders: 
as comprehensive solution or partial integration.

With engineering resources becoming increasingly scarce, innovative technologies are imperative. We help tool providers make their own development more efficient, bringing significantly improved efficiency and flexibility to their customers.

Our runtimes

cover a wide range of footprints, from microcontrollers to IPCs  – safe and non-safe – easily integrated – with binary C code as our standard approach.

Our engineering tools

provide a wide-range of programming languages – IEC, C, C++, as well as MATLAB integration – allowing for modern, highly efficient software development – clearly committed to openness by providing source code in plain text.

Our engineering bus architecture

… is meant to help you with the comprehensive integration of your engineering toolchain, making you more efficient – with model-based, modern technologies. We are working closely together with our partner company IncQuery Labs – currently realizing our first pilot customer solutions.