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Safety engineering & runtimes

Safe & non-safe - one toolchain

Application- & safety-engineering

Open, flexible & safe

Based on our broad range of safe and non-safe runtime solutions
we offer a comprehensive toolset for the engineering of functional safe applications up to SIL 3 or ASIL C-level.

With our tools there is no longer need for two different toolchains for safe and non-safe anymore. Our toolchain supports both worlds – with the full flexibility of our state-of the art engineering toolkit
… with test management already on-bord.

Your benefits

Our USPs

One highly flexible engineering tool for safe & non-safe

On-target browser-based parameterization tool

On-board testmanager

One runtime for safe & non-safe

One highly flexible engineering tool for safe and non-safe

logi.CAD 3 as our main engineering tool allows you to program your safe library as well as your safe application – provided as binary C code. The coding can take advantage of our full range of IEC languages, as well as C and C++ code, and it can even integrate MATLAB Simulink models.

You can already use our tool as part of a TÜV qualified development process. A full T3 certification will be available in Q2/2024. 

On-target browser-based parameterization tool 

logi.SAFE is an on-target browser-based IDE, that allows for the functional safe parametrization of your safe libraries without the need of a desktop IDE. The engineer can connect any kind of device via an on-target web-server and apply changes to an application directly on the control. 

On-board Test-Manager

Our toolchain includes a static code analysis as well as a comprehensive test manager, allowing you to automatize your unit tests.

One runtime for safe and non-safe

in two basic set-ups 

  1. Our µ(s).RTS works with C-code binaries and can be used to run safe and non-safe applications. 
  2. Our s.RTS comes together with logi.SAFE as an interpreter solution 
Your safety engineering solution

Our two solution paths

Safe runtime & safety toolchain engineering workflow

logi.SAFE engineering workflow