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Pre-certified software components

FSoE-Host / Device Stack

The FSoE Host/Devise stack is pre-certified as ´compliant item' according to IEC61508. The compact and efficient implementation also allows integration into very small and cost-effective structures.

Safety Bus configurator

The Safety Bus Configurator is pre-certified in accordance with IEC61508 for the configuration of safe fieldbuses such as FSoE.

Safety Parameter Tool

The Safety Parameter Tool is a pre-certified T3 offline parameterization tool according to IEC62061. The customer-specific adaptation and definition of the safe parameter container is carried out via an XML structure.

Test library CORA

The CORA Test Library is pre-certified according IEC6158 for performing CPU tests, RAM tests, ROM tests, firmware monitoring and stack monitoring (overflow/underflow) for ARM7, ARM9, Cortex M and Cortex A controller types. The configuration of the tests is done by a test manager, so that the test library is adaptable to HW needs.

Library Motion and Robotics

Library Motion and Robotics is a pre-certified library for implementing safety motion functions according to IEC61800-5.2, as well as for monitoring 2- and 3-dimensional motion spaces in the area of robotics.

Safety Floating Point Library

The Safety Floating Point Library is pre-certified according to IEC61508 for safe calculation of floating point values. The library can be used on processes with and without FPU.

SIC 100/400

The SIC100/SIC400 is a modular hardware and software toolkit for building safety with 1oo2 safety architecture. The toolkit is a pre-certified ‘compliant item’ as specified in IEC61508. The SIC consists of the basic core, which can be extended by using safe digital inputs, safe digital outputs, encoder interfaces and a fieldbus connection. All diagnostics relevant for the interfaces are included in the software modules. Specific functions can be added in the application layer.