We empower your
automation platform

Runtimes - from embedded controller to IPC

Engineering Toolkit - IEC 61131-3, C, C++, Matlab, browser-/cloud-based

Safety Toolchains - safe runtimes, application engineering, test-manager

Custom PLC - development, prototyping, certification, production

Pre-certified hard- and software components

Modelbased engineering toolchain integration

Open, flexible and safe.
Tooling and solutions for the automation of tomorrow.

Your Automation Toolchain

Your Safety Solution

Ready-to-Use Technologies 

Power of Standards

Who we are

Neuron Automation – Engineering done smart.

Together with our partners we develop flexible, open, and safe engineering solutions
to empower the next level of industrial automation.

logi.cals - Competence in Application Engineering

More than 30,000 engineers worldwide are using logi.cals technologies to automate complex systems such as hydroelectric power plants, steel mills, buildings, ships, buses, machines and much more.

ISH – Competence in Safety

ISH supports device manufacturers and machine builders in the (custom) development of functional safe automation equipment – PLCs, controllers, IO boards, sensors, actuators and fieldbus communication. 
We work in a broad range of industries, such as machine & process automation, wind power, rail equipment, and robotics.

Value proposition

We believe in a world of standards and flexible, open solutions. Paving the way to improved innovation efficiency.

Moving away from proprietary islands towards open and flexible ecosystems.
We deliver innovative, efficient, and functional safe toolkits & solutions

     ... for flexible automation engineering
     ... enabling our customers to develop innovation more efficiently
     ... towards the smart factory of the future.

You are an automation device manufacturer or machine builder developing your own automation devices?

You are looking for flexible and open solutions rather than rigid proprietary islands? You need a funtional safe solution?
We can empower you with our toolkits and components.

What people want

Your customers are asking for

Faster innovation cycles

Faster innovation cycles

Shorter time to market

Shorter time to market

Real-time quality improvement

Realtime quality improvement

Fully networked, highly adaptable systems

Shorter time to market
Advantages in a nutshell

Flexibility in automation engineering

Our tools are flexible in a variety of ways:
Highly versatile as well as easy-to use, adapt and maintain, and cost efficient in the long-run.
Together with a team of highly motivated experts with over 35 years of experience in the automation field, we are ready for co-creating your innovative solution.




Functional Safe


Model-based Software Tools

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