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Who we are


is offering our clients flexible and efficient engineering by activating many years of experience in the automation industry. You will find a unique combination of professional services to develop individual hardware and software solutions and a comprehensive toolkit consisting of TUV-certified components, innovative engineering tools and runtimes for industrial control systems.

Faster Innovation Cycles

Real-Time Quality Improvement

Shorter Time to Market

Custom development services hardware and software

We create individual and efficient engineering solution portfolios for each of our clients. We combine functional safety and control technology, both in the hardware used and in the engineering tools necessary for the programming process.

Toolkit with engineering tools, runtimes and TUV-certified components

We provide producers and users of control systems with tools, which efficiently support development for any application in the field of industrial automation. A toolkit of pre-certified components increases the development speed of safe hardware and software packages, for sector- and platform-independent standards and a faster time to market.

Advantages in a nutshell

Flexibility in automation engineering

Our tools are highly versatile as well as easy-to use, adapt and maintain, and cost efficient in the long-run. Together with a team of highly motivated experts with more than 35 years of experience, we are ready to work for your innovative solution.




Functional Safe


Model-based Software Tools

You are an automation device manufacturer or machine builder developing your own automation devices?

You are looking for flexible and open solutions rather than rigid proprietary islands? You need expertise in automation and control technology as well as functional saftey? Neuron Automation is your solution partner. 

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